Capstone Project

Capstone Project

As a student in the MS-HT program, you will partner with industry, government, community-based organizations, or academia through an experiential Capstone Project. This experience is extended, intensive, and problem-based. 

Fall Semester

In HT 510, you will be matched with a specific capstone project after hearing their pitches.

Spring Semester

In HT 511, you will meet with your Capstone Project Partner 2-3 times to develop a capstone plan.

Summer Semester

In HT 512, you will meet weekly with your Capstone Project Partner as you implement your capstone project for 20 hours per week.

The culmination of this summer capstone project is a poster presentation and technical report that is provided directly to the Capstone Project Partner.

Student Testimonials

“It’s been a great experience and I am excited to put that to work now.”

“This experience was very exciting…I have learned a lot of new things…my sponsor was amazing and explained a lot of new things to me.”

“I enjoyed the freedom I had with the project.”

“Seeing it all come together is exciting, and I am excited to share my results.”

“I feel ready for the professional world.”

I am definitely excited to explain my capstone experience in the video presentation.”

Previous Capstone Projects

  • Wearable devices to link seniors and family members
  • Model accelerometry data related to frailty, disability, falls
  • Expert system for diagnosing falls risk in the home
  • Validation of use cases for digital health technology
  • Software analytics for prediction of anxiety and depression
  • Digital home assistant tool for older adults’ legacies
  • Mobile application to support care transitions
  • Implementing, evaluating, and optimizing fall prevention technologies in senior living
  • Wearable-based intelligent app for personalized at-home exercise training in adults with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Affective and physiological responses to task guidance via a voice assistant
  • Co-design and optimization of a web portal for identifying adults in need of exercise support
  • Designing for disabilities: The human factors of battery technology for power assist devices
  • Voice Vision VItals (VVV): Data collection and treatment tracing for neuropsychiatric and voice disorders
  • IMPACT-Inclusion of Minority Patients in ADRD Clinical Trials through care partner engagement
  • Development and validation of a fall detection device for older adults who use wheelchairs or scooters
  • Centering the patient user experience for a digital health tool
  • Care Partner Medication Education, Decision Support, Reminding and Monitoring (CaP-MedSRem) system
  • Building health communities through park equity modeling
  • User interface design for a soft and dexterous service robot to support healthcare of older adults at home
  • Smartphone apps for tinnitus and hearing loss

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