Undergrad Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate in Health Technology

The Certificate in Health Technology is aimed for undergraduate students in any major to explore the intersection of technology and human factors in health. Students will hone quantitative skills, acquire public health knowledge, and learn human factors. Ten credit hours required.

Any undergraduate student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign may apply for the Health Technology Certificate upon completion of required courses and any prerequisites.

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Required Courses

  • CHLH 203: Introduction to Health Technology
  • IE 340: Human Factors
  • One elective from an approved list

One Elective From This List

  • CHLH 260: Medical Ethics
  • CHLH 393: Special Projects*
  • CHLH 421: Health Data Analysis
  • CHLH 441: Health Behavior and Technology
  • CHLH 470: Technology, Health, and Aging
  • IE 397/497: Independent Study*
  • IE 398/498: Special Topics*
  • IE 445: Human Performance and Cognition in Context
  • IHLT 232: Health Disparities in US
  • IHLT 240: Aging and Health Policy
  • KIN 474: Tech-Driven Health Intervention

*with approval of Health Technology Education Program advisor

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