Capstone Project Partners

Capstone Project Partnerships

Capstone Project Partners in industry, government, non-profit, and academia are integral to developing our MS in Health Technology students.

Capstone activities range from needs assessment and heuristic evaluation to UI design and AI, machine learning, and data analytics. Examples Include:

Conduct a needs assessment to guide the design of an app that provides information about community events for a retirement community.

Collaborate with a startup to evaluate usability issues with a medical device, social robot, virtual reality exergame, or health app.

Engage with a faculty member on a grant to explore human factors design of health technologies.

Assess usability of an augmented communication device for children with developmental disabilities.

Ready to become a Capstone Project Partner? We look forward to hearing from you!

Benefits of Becoming a Capstone Project Partner

Meet new human factors/UX and health technology talent.

Add new perspective to your organization.

Shape future health technology professionals.

Mentoring opportunities for capstone supervisors.

Provide invaluable, one-of-a-kind experience to a student.

Advance organizational goals.

Fall Semester Expectations & Timeline


Develop a general idea of your capstone project and submit a Capstone Project Proposal.

When matched with a student, begin University of Illinois documentation.

Students will give a general presentation on their selected capstone project.


Pitch your capstone project to our students during HT 510 in October to match with a student.

Matching will be completed in November.

Attend the virtual Capstone Presentation in late November/early December.

Spring Semester Expectations & Timeline


Aid students in developing the capstone project outline by meeting with your students 2-3 times.

Provide feedback on the student’s Capstone Project Learning Plan (CPLP).


Meetings should take place between February and April while the students are enrolled in HT 511.

Introduced early in the spring semester, capstone supervisors are asked to review and provide feedback on the CPLP before student submission.

Summer Semester Expectations & Timeline


Supervise a 12-week capstone experience that includes weekly check-ins, a midterm evaluation, and a final evaluation while also providing feedback on final deliverables (technical report & poster).

Attend the in-person Capstone Presentations & Celebration event.


Summer 2024 semester begins May 13 and concludes August 1. While our program is in-person, summer work may be done on location. Student relocation is self-funded.

The Class of 2024 Capstone Presentations & Celebration event will be held Thursday, August 1, 2024 in Champaign, Illinois.

Ready to become a Capstone Project Partner? We look forward to hearing from you!